The Great Transformation – Greening the Economy

The Great Transformation – Greening the Economy

International Conference

The Copenhagen UN climate conference did not achieve a binding agreement on greenhouse gas reduction targets. However, the need for bold measures against climate change persists. Key to such a development is the transition towards a “Low Carbon Society” and the ecological remodelling of industrial society.

As we leave the fossil industrial age, the great transformation of the global economy on the basis of renewable raw materials and energies, demands profound political reforms as well as technological innovations. The ecological transformation of global capitalism provides tremendous opportunities for innovative enterprises, job creation and new “green” lifestyles.

There are two vital topics which are central to this international conference: “Smart Policies” - the basic political parameters and regulatory instruments and “Smart Technologies” - the leading technologies and key projects for an ecological turnaround. Moreover, we will be addressing the question of what new alliances and actors must come together to stop climate change.

Tomorrow starts today but how can today’s policies shape tomorrow’s world? Are there common objectives, strategies and policy instruments for Europe and the United States? A rapidly growing world population requires increasing wealth, but how can we fit economic growth with sustainable development? Which policies support the transformation of our economy into a green economy? Will these policies set the right price signals for better resource efficiency and renewable resources and allow for public infrastructure and technological and social innovations?

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