Workshop Freitag, 15. Juni 2018 in

A startup camp in the countryside - let’s dream it up!

CoWorkLand @ waterkant festival

Datum, Uhrzeit
Fr., 15. Juni 2018,
11.00 – 12.00 Uhr In meinem Kalender speichern
Landesstiftung Schleswig-Holstein

A startup camp in the countryside - let’s dream it up!

Ort: waterkant festival, Halle 51 - MFG 5, Schusterkrug 25, 24159 Kiel

How would it be to spend summer in a StartUpCamp on the beach? Or a lake? Or a hidden estate? As highspeed-networks are digged into the ground, new chances for a free and innovative life far from the urban hotspots arise.

What should it look like? Smell? beverages? Attractions? Mobility?

Should there be mentors? An academy? Fablab?

is it more party or silent work?

We invite you to share your dreams with us and invent such a place - maybe it comes true! Meet us at CoWorkLand, join and contribute!

Of course your input shouldn’t fade in the vast realm of possibilities, so we asked some people to join us who could make it happen:

Jean-Pierre Jacob, Retreat

Matthias Meins, Amtsdirektor Dänischer Wohld

Andreas Betz, Amtsdirektor Hüttener Berge


Hosted by Ulrich Bähr and Olga Bünning,  Coworkland / Heinrich-Böll-Stftung SH


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