Samstag, 03. November 2007

Workshop: Performativities: Contexts, Domains, Perspectives

Datum, Uhrzeit
Samstag, 03. November 2007, 09.00 Uhr – 20.00 Uhr In meinem Kalender speichern
A workshop supported by the British Academy, Sociology Department Research Fund and Roberts Researcher Development Fund convened by Silvia Posocco and Sadie Wearing

The workshop will be dedicated to an exploration of the range and scope of contemporary deployments and interrogations of ‘the performative’. Since the publication of J. L. Austin’s `How to do Things with Words`, the term 'performativity' has been the object of re-contextualisation in and across domains of knowledge with significant and complex effects. Exciting scholarship has emerged in the fields of gender studies, sociology, anthropology, economics, cultural studies, film and media studies, philosophy of science and bioscience, as theories of ‘the performative’ increasingly turn to examine objects of enquiry as diverse as financial markets, new ethnicities, ‘race’ and audit cultures, quantum physics, embodiment and agency in the context of Islamist piety movements, aging and new subjectivities, in addition to ongoing engagements in literary studies.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to trace and reflect upon the plural histories of performativity, whilst seeking to engage with its contemporary permutations in and across different ‘contexts’ and domains of knowledge. It will seek to promote analysis of the ongoing significance of ‘performativity’, as well as problems and limitations with, and possibilities inherent in its deployment across the social sciences and humanities.