Donnerstag, 02. August 2007 – Samstag, 04. August 2007

The de-marginalization of literary and linguistic trends in Latin America (Lima, Peru)

The First International Congress 2007

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Do., 02. Aug. 2007, 00.00 Uhr  –
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Externe Veranstaltung
The First International Congress 2007 sponsored by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos cordially invites you to participate in this important event that will take place in Miraflores, Lima, Peru, between the.4th of August 2007. The First International Congress welcomes individual paper presentations, invited speakers, and special discussion sessions on a wide diversity of topics focusing on the de-marginalization of Latin American culture, literature, film, lifestyle, and ways of analyzing language contact.

Main themes for the conference will focus on:

a.. Works of literature:  the old and the new left
b.. Women's Studies issues
c.. Gay, lesbian and queer Studies
d.. Language contact and de-marginalization

Keynote adresses:
`A research agenda for Latin American queer studies in the 21st century`
by Dr. David Foster, Regents' Professor of Spanish, Humanities and Women's  Studies, Arizona State University

`The de-marginalization of linguistic and literary trends in Latin America`
by Dr. Margarita Hidalgo, Professor of Spanish Linguistics. San Diego State University