Mittwoch, 04. Juli 2007 – Samstag, 07. Juli 2007

International Women's Summit: Women's Leadership Making a Difference on HIV and AIDS, Nairobi

Datum, Uhrzeit
Mi., 04. Juli 2007, 09.00 Uhr  –
Sa., 07. Juli 2007, 17.00 Uhr In meinem Kalender speichern
Externe Veranstaltung
The International Women's Summit (IWS) brings together 1500 women of all ages and HIV statuses, as well as stakeholders and partners to discuss the impact HIV and AIDS has on women and recognise the leadership women from across the world have demonstrated in bringing a solution to the pandemic. The IWS features a wide range of activities and sessions and exceptional speakers to celebrate and expand the power of women’s leadership. This Summit will afford particpants the opportunity to further build skills, strengthen existing partnerships and create new networks in order to mobilise the changes needed to reverse the global HIV pandemic on women and girls at all levels. The first day, July 4, will be a Positive Women’s Forum exclusively for HIV positive women.


  • To highlight the difference women’s leadership is making in response to HIV and AIDS by making visible African and young women’s leadership, at grassroots and community levels, including national, regional and international levels.
  • To build the capacity of leaders and their organisations in undertaking sustainable programmes that address cutting-edge issues
  • To raise awareness and mobilise the women’s movement on HIV and AIDS and crosscutting issues and produce the evidence required to effect change at all levels in society
  • To provide the space for networking and the building of strategic partnerships that will broaden the impact of responses to HIV and AIDS at all levels.