Mittwoch, 04. Juli 2007

HIV Positive International Women's Forum, Nairobi

Day 1 of the International Women’s Summit (July 4-7, 2007)

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Mi., 04. Juli 2007,
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The World YWCA, in partnership with other international organisations, will convene an unprecedented international conference on Women’s Leadership and HIV and AIDS, uniting 1500 women of all ages and HIV statuses and other stakeholders. The summit will take place in conjunction with World YWCA Council on July 4-7, 2007.
The first day of the conference, July 4, 2007, will be the Positive Women’s Forum exclusively for positive women.
A steering committee of positive women from different regions of the world has been building the programme consulting with other positive women. Positive women around the globe responded to a questionnaire identifying the following key issues of concern which will be the main focus of the forum:

5 key challenges identified by positive women from around the globe are:
- Increasing women’s leadership and economic empowerment
- Address affordable health care and treatment issues
- Advocacy around gender inequalities
- Stigma and discrimination
- Human, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of women and girls