International Conference Tuesday, 14. May 2019 /

Cities, Migration and Integration

International Conference

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Tue, 14. May 2019,
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The conference will take place in two formats, plenary meetings and following debates in working groups. The working groups will aim at debating the most pressing challenges in more detail and enabling a fruitful exchange of best practices and information. Participants will go into thematic breakout sessions (approx. 4) in which the international speakers will also actively be involved. Each group will aim to come up with solid proposals that can be of use in the Czech context and propose specific advocacy avenues (facilitators will be asked to provide these in writing).

The number of foreigners coming to the Czech Republic has been steadily increasing since the 1990s, and with the currently favorable economic climate, the number of foreign workers has grown quickly, as has the number of migrants settling in this country. It has become increasingly important for local actors – municipal and regional officials, local NGOs and volunteers, social workers, businesses – to become actively involved in the process of integrating the newcomers. How can this be done?