DOKTALK: Female Gazes from Georgia – Contemporary Documentaries

DOKTALK: Female Gazes from Georgia – Contemporary Documentaries

While women all over the world are underrepresented in all areas of the film industry, it is predominantly female filmmakers whose stories are finding success in the “New Georgian Wave”, both on European screens and at international film festivals. Simultaneously this may seem paradoxical, considering the pseudo-patriarchal order of Georgian society and growing influence of the Orthodox Christian Church. This year’s DOK Leipzig Country Focus **Import/Export – Georgian Cinema Across Borders** will show a series of documentary films not necessarily looking to find clear answers but rather to tackle questions that illustrate the contradictions at play. This panel discussion will look at contemporary Georgia from a female perspective and discuss with the filmmakers their hopes, dangers and personal insights concerning their country’s transformation process. To what extent do their works and Georgian documentary film in general reflect the current state of the country, now looking for its own place and self-conception in this confusing modern world?

Anna Dziapshipa, producer, Tbilisi
Salomé Jashi, director, Tbilisi
Nino Lejava, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Southern Caucasus, Tbilisi
Salome Machaidze, director and artist, Berlin
Facilitator: Zaza Rusadze, Curator Country Focus, DOK Leipzig

Languange: English
Venue: Polish Institute, Markt 10, 04109 Leipzig

No registration required.

A cooperation of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and DOK Leipzig.

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