Mobilizing for Democracy

Mobilizing for Democracy

Feminist approaches to resistance

Feminisms bring people together and can be a driving force behind resisting nationalism and right-wing populism. This was impressively illustrated by the Women’s March on Washington at the beginning of the year. What are the prerequisites for such forms of mobilization and what is next?

In super election year 2017, Germany is also going to face up to far-reaching decisions. Right-wing populism is steadily on the rise and causing a creeping erosion of fundamental values, including among society’s middle ground. What possible means of political mobilization are available to an open, democratic, hence immigration-friendly society:

  • Carmen Perez, Co-Chair of the Women’s March on Washington
  • Gesine Agena, Member of the Federal Executive Board and spokeswoman for women policy of Alliance 90/The Greens
  • Emilia Roig, expert for critical racism research and intersectionality
  • Anne Wizorek, digital media consultant, author, speaker, blogger

Chaired by: Barbara Junge, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of taz daily newspaper


Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017, 7pm-9pm

Event Venue:
Werkstatt der Kulturen
Wissmannstraße 32
12049 Berlin

Event Contact:
Ines Kappert

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