Saturday, 20. October 2018

Open City Lagos 2018: Resilience 

Publication Launch Event

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Sat, 20. Oct 2018,
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About the Project

The OCL project has been running for the last three years in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation Nigeria, It is a platform for knowledge exchange centred around the socially inclusive development of contemporary cities. The first phase of this exploration culminated in a book which we launched in March 2016. We have also hosted a series of events focused on multiple facets of urbanisation – from glaring issues such as transportation deficits to the more nuanced and sensitive issues of gender and religion. In the current phase of OCL, we have explored resilience with the understanding that it is key to unlocking sustainable human development.

About the OCL 2018 Publication

Researchers, urbanists and creatives were invited to think critically on a number of questions and submit their ideas in broad and interactive formats. These thoughts and ideas were collated and synthesised; and now, they make up the OCL 2018 Publication. This publication explores resilience in its diverse forms, mechanisms and outputs as well as highlights important factors that influence urban resilience considerations. It uses a people-centred lens to zoom in on the complexities and implications of embracing resilient frameworks in city planning.

Launch Event

We would like to highlight content and insights from the publication to create awareness for its launch. We want to make sure we situate the publication firmly within current urban discourse and draw as many urban stakeholders in one the conversation as possible. The OCL team hopes that it will stir up even more critical thinking on the subject and inform the formation and implementation of urban planning and policy schemes and systems.


-    To further ‘open’ up the discourse and encourage participation and engagement on urban issues

-    To highlight urban elements and mechanisms that engender or hinder the practice of resilience within the city through an examination of topical entry points

Target Audience

-    urban practitioners (architects, urban planners, civil engineers, researchers)

-    CSO representatives, academics, researchers, students and journalists

-    creative professionals (artists, technologists, cultural producers, photographers, etc)

-    young professionals living and working in Lagos

Format & Proceedings.

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2018

Venue: Printing Press Hall (9 Broad Street, Lagos Island)

Time: 17:00 - 19:30

17:00    Registration

17:30    Opening

Welcome addresses

About Open City Lagos 2018

17:50    Project Talk + Interative Activity

Parallel discussion and interation sessions

Project Talk: Presentations describing projects and schemes that respond to our three dimensions of resilience. Visit one or all of the stands for open discussions with our hosts.

Survive Reactions to unexpected urban shocks and strains

Adapt Transforming urban systems to suit changing urbanisms and address identified challenges Thrive Optimise urban potential in order to flourish economically, socially, financially and otherwise

Interaction: Join our online campaign for urban resilience. Come share your definitions of resilience. In our interactive booth

-    Resilience is…

-    #ResilienceForAll, #ResilientByDesign, #ResilientCharacter

18:35    Panel: Resilience & Realities

Discussion and Q&A: What does urban resilience entail? What are it’s implications? Beyond its uses as a buzzword, how can resilience (as a framework for navigating real-world problems and opportunities) really resonate and connect with urban populations, especially in developing cities like Lagos where policy and the populace are often disconnected? A moderated panel will discuss the real implications of the resilience concept.

19:20    Closing Remarks

19:30    Event Ends