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Six Months to Go !

What Can We Do to Restore Faith in the European Project ?

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Tue, 06. Nov 2018,
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Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Brüssel - Europäische Union
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‘This time it’s different’ was the promise to the European voters in the election campaign 2014. As part of this promise the ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ experiment was launched. It did not do much to change the attitude of European citizens towards the European Union. The election resulted in a worrying rise of right-wing populism. The wake-up call didn’t seem to do much to alarm the mainstream parties. In the years following the election, the British voted for Brexit; illiberalism became a pressing issue in central eastern Europe with the triggering of article 7 procedures against Poland and Hungary as consequence. Right-wing populism and anti-EU sentiment grew almost everywhere in the Union, so did anti-migration sentiments as a result of the inadequate handling of the refugee/migration situation.

The upcoming European election in 2019 might bring about a real political earthquake, already foreshadowed four years ago, blowing away the political centre altogether. So, have ‘we’ (the political class and the rest of the people involved in project Europe and in civil society) done enough to prevent Europe from further going down the drain? What can be done in the last 6-7 months to reverse the tide? Is there a chance that the green wave we witnessed in recent elections in Bavaria, Luxemburg and Belgium will roll on and what about the ‘new movements’ like ‘En Marche’ in France or on a European level ‘Volt’, ‘Pulse of Europe’ or ‘Stand Up For Europe’? 



Tuesday, 6 November 2018



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