Ukraine’s lessons: Fighting disinformation and defending democracy

Ukraine’s lessons: Fighting disinformation and defending democracy

Debate ahead of the International Democracy Day
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Ukrainian citizen groups are one of the main drivers of democratic change in Ukraine. In a context where parts of the state are corrupt or weak, citizens have stepped in to ensure transparency and progress of reforms, increase public awareness and sensitivity to disinformation. The Ukrainian civil groups proved they are fast and flexible to respond to the disruption of a deep crisis. But is their approach sustainable? Can they maintain the momentum?

Citizen groups work to build a transparent state and a democratic society while informational aggression is one of the main battlefields of the conflict with Russia. 
How civil groups deal with this challenge? How do they respond to measures like the President’s recent ban of popular Russia websites and social networks? What are the main lessons learned and can they guide other countries in fighting disinformation, particularly during election period? Can Ukraine’s experience inspire EU citizens in a context where democracy has become under pressure?


  • Yevhen Fedchenko, Co-founder of, and Head of Journalism School at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine

  • Andrey Kurkov, Novelist and independent thinker, Ukraine

  • Susann Worschech, Research associate at the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder

  • Oleg Rybachuk, Founder of Centre UA, New Citizen Public Campaign, and the Civil Movement “Chesno”, Ukraine

Language: English / German with simultaneous translation

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