Forum الاثنين, 29. يوليو 2019 and more

Gender Forum

Taita Taveta County

التاريخ, التوقيت
اثنين, 29. يوليو 2019,
9:00 ص – 5:00 م التّسجيل في الرّزنامة الشّخصيّة
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Nairobi - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia/Somaliland
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The  hbs Gender Forum is a monthly public dialogue convened by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung since 2001, encouraging dialogue on pertinent national social issues with a gendered lens. It brings together scholars, law makers and implementers, civil activists, government institutions, students and the general public, aiming at increasing knowledge and effectiveness of policy and programmes. The forum is convened in Nairobi and travels around Kenya in response to County interests.