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Pátek, 22. září 2023 – Úterý, 26. září 2023 Uložit v mém kalendáři


International Summer School for Young Researchers: Citizenship and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe

Deadline for application 15 August 2023

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Offices in Warsaw and Prague, in collaboration with the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in Leipzig, Germany, and the University of Rzeszów, Poland, cordially invite young researchers with an interest in the multifaceted issue of citizenship in CEE countries to participate in this year's International Summer School for Young Researchers. The event will take place in Košice, Slovakia from September 22nd to 26th, 2023. We welcome applications from MA and PhD students specializing in political studies, international relations and related disciplines from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Germany. The deadline for applications has been extended to August 15, 2023.

About the Summer School

Citizenship has profound implications for the dynamics of in-groups and outgroups within a community, especially as far as minorities and vulnerable groups are concerned. In the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, the issue of center versus periphery is highly relevant. Power concentration in the center often neglects the needs of the periphery, making citizenship essential in addressing disparities and ensuring equitable participation. In addition, understanding the shared values and identity of a region is also critical for the prevailing success of European integration. While the Member States have their unique identities, a sense of community and trust among them is necessary to facilitate cooperation and orientation towards common goals, particularly during times of crisis. Active civic engagement and dialogue empower citizens to counter contemporary challenges and provide constructive feedback to shape inclusive policies for a resilient future.

This year’s summer school offers a unique opportunity for young researchers to engage with important topics related to citizenship and values in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, to share knowledge, to engage in critical discussions, and to develop new ideas for promoting citizenship and the values of liberal democracy, gender equality and social and climate justice in the CEE region.

How to apply

To apply, interested candidates are required to submit a 2-3 page draft of an article (academic or journalistic) on the subject of European citizenship in CEE countries. We are particularly interested in contributions that explore the intersection between citizenship and the situation of minorities and other vulnerable groups, such as Roma communities or migrants and refugees in CEE countries. To that end, we suggest the following prompts for inspiration:

  • How do marginalized groups perceive citizenship? What are the barriers that prevent them from being part of an active civil society?
  • Identity and inclusiveness in European societies: How can we promote social cohesion and reduce polarization?
  • The rise of illiberalism in Europe: What are the implications for citizenship and democracy?
  • Center-periphery dynamics within the EU: What role do they play for the perception of EU citizenship in CEE?
  • The impact of social media on democratic processes: How can we build resilience to misinformation in the media?
  • Feminist and queer perspectives on nationalism and citizenship in CEE countries: How can a feminist approach (including feminist foreign policy) promote inclusive, equitable definitions of national identity and citizenship?
  • The war in Ukraine and its impact on Europe: Citizenship through the lens of war?

During the summer school, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with on-site experts and lecturers in order to refine and enhance their submissions (articles). Selected contributions will be published by the organizers through their communication channels following the summer school.

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The organizers value the integration of diverse experiences, perspectives, and voices. We thus extend a warm welcome to all qualified applicants, regardless of gender, disability, marital or parental status, racial, ethnic, or social background, color, religion, belief, or sexual orientation.

What to expect

Participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops addressing the situation of Roma communities in CEE countries, as well as workshops on inclusive writing. The program will also include academic lectures and meetings with local NGOs and decision-makers. The organizers will cover the costs of accommodation (double rooms in a hotel), travel reimbursement and two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) for the duration of the summer school. A more detailed agenda of the event will be available soon/ is available here: [link].

Important information regarding travel reimbursement:

Please note that a 100% travel reimbursement will be provided to participants upon the conclusion of the summer school and the submission of original travel documents. This reimbursement process may take up to two months. We kindly ask applicants to ensure they have the means to cover their traveling costs during the duration of the summer school. As organizers, we are committed to protecting the climate and encourage participants to consider traveling by train or coach whenever possible.

To apply, please send in the following documents:

• a 2-3 page (Times New Roman pt. 12, line spacing 1.5 ) draft of an article (academic or journalistic) on the subject of European citizenship in CEE countries, in English. The final text produced by each participant at the end of the project should be between 5 and 7 pages long.

• letter of motivation (max. 500 words) and CV

To: by Monday, August 15, 2023.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions regarding the application process or the organization of the summer school.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and to welcoming you to Košice in September 2023.

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