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Tuesday, 14. September 2021
Environmental and human rights risks posed by geoengineering and potential litigation opportunities
Friday, 24. September 2021 – Saturday, 25. September 2021
International Digital Conference
Online discussion Wednesday, 29. September 2021
Analysis of the results and implications for Europe


Friday, 01. October 2021
The political situation after the federal election in 2021
Online seminar Thursday, 07. October 2021
Why is it missing and what needs to happen?
Online seminar Wednesday, 13. October 2021
Making Women’s Land Rights a Reality
Online discussion Wednesday, 13. October 2021
Exploring its worldwide and Balkan dimension.
Wednesday, 13. October 2021
EU-Ukraine Virtual Roundtable on Energy Transition
Online seminar Wednesday, 13. October 2021
#1 Production and application climate-friendly hydrogen
Online discussion Thursday, 14. October 2021
Exploring its worldwide and Balkan dimension.
Online seminar Thursday, 14. October 2021
#2 Political framework for climate-friendly hydrogen
Online event Thursday, 21. October 2021
Cities and municipalities all over Europe show that another migration policy is not only possible, but that it is already happening.
Book presentation and discussion Tuesday, 26. October 2021
The EU’s response to the dismantling of democracy
Online conference Wednesday, 27. October 2021
Thursday, 28. October 2021
Online debate


Presentation of a study Wednesday, 03. November 2021 /
Online Registration for the launch event
Online discussion Thursday, 04. November 2021
Registration for this event is closed.
Book presentation and discussion Thursday, 11. November 2021 /
Panel discussion Friday, 12. November 2021 /
Online seminar Wednesday, 17. November 2021
Talk Wednesday, 17. November 2021
The transformative role of new social movements in Albania
Wednesday, 24. November 2021
Ost/Wschód: German-Polish debates on the East
Online discussion Wednesday, 24. November 2021
Online discussion Thursday, 25. November 2021
Online seminar Thursday, 25. November 2021 – Saturday, 27. November 2021
An online seminar for German and Polish civil-society actors
Monday, 29. November 2021
Change at the top: Can the Bundesbank redefine its tasks in times of climate change and financial globalisation?


Conference Wednesday, 01. December 2021 – Thursday, 02. December 2021 /
Aspen Berlin Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Online seminar Wednesday, 01. December 2021
Web seminar on the financialisation of large companies
Wednesday, 08. December 2021
A series of online discussions on current international developments
Online discussion Monday, 13. December 2021
A discussion on how digitalisation can be sustainably shaped in the agriculture and food fields, the opportunities and challenges arising from new technologies and innovation, as well as which policy requirements are emerging in the European context.
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