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Saturday, 31. October 2020 – Saturday, 19. December 2020
Decolonial Inlets A trans-discursive event series

The trans-discursive event-series "Feminist MagiX. Decolonial Inlets" accompanies the exhibition "Disturbance: witch" curated by Alba D’Urbano and Olga Vostretsova at the Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst (ZAK).


Online discussion Sunday, 29. November 2020


Online event Friday, 04. December 2020 /
(*part of a policy event hosted by the German Embassy and EU Delegation, to which each German political Foundation will contribute with a 45-minute panel)
Online conference Friday, 04. December 2020

14:30 Opening

15:00-16:30 (Panel 1) “Ethnonationalism and the Project of Destruction”

16:45 -18:15 (Panel 2) “Leaving the Ethno-Cage - New Visions for a Functioning and Democratic BiH”

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