International Conference Monday, 18. May 2020 – Tuesday, 19. May 2020 /

6th Prague Populism Conference: How to (Re)Act?

International Conference

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Mon, 18. May 2020, 9:00 am  –
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After the recent European Parliament elections and series of national elections in 2019 the question of whether populism has already reached its maximum electoral success in Europe and how mainstream political parties adapted to battle it is widely discussed. The scope of next year’s conference is to analyse countermeasures and actions against populism to highlight what effect they have had on the development of populist parties and movements and to assess future possibilities for successful re/actions towards populism. Various case studies from the European elections will constitute valuable resources for the discussion. The conference will particularly focus on radical right-wing populists, their capacity to use nationalist or even nativist rhetoric and appeal and to what extent they are able to mobilize their supporters by using “the others” as enemies.

Among confirmed speakers are Hans-Georg Betz (University of Zurich), Nonna Mayer (Sciences Po, Paris), Daniele Albertazzi (University of Birmingham), and Tjitske Akkerman (University of Amsterdam)