Wednesday, 07. November 2018

Can we still make it? 1.5oC as a climate challenge?

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Wed, 07. Nov 2018,
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Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Warsaw - Poland
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7th of November, 2018, 10:00-17:00
National Ethnographic Museum (PaństwoweMuzeumEtnograficzne) in Warsaw, Kredytowa Street 1

In October this year a Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was published. It’s main aim is to analyze the effects of the global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.In this report IPCC also presented the possible ways to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the context of strengthening the world’s response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty. The conclusions presented are to provide a substantial contribution into the negotiations of the Parties during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP24, which takes place in December this year in Katowice, Poland.

If the commitments made by the Parties in Paris (2015) will not be more ambitious, we will probably experience the effects of the temperature increase of more than 3oC. Health and lives of people in many regions of the world will be put in danger, which will result in severe challenges in the social sphere towards the whole international community. All of the economy sectors will suffer loses.

Just before the COP24, as we will be analyzing the results and recommendations of the report, we will also ponder along with our foreign and Polish experts, on the ambitious ways to providing an effective implementation of the Paris Agreement and the challenges brought by this process. Our wide variety of experts consists of public administration, politics and civil society representatives, who are concerned about the future of the planet and are practitioners on this field. Along with our guests we will look onto work to be done in terms of climatic threats from the scientific, technological, social and economic perspective.

How in this context should we lead the reduction of the emissions? What kind of actions are indispensable to take on by cities, regions, countries, business, societies, namely the entire international community, in order to enhance the responsibility and efficiency towards the climatic threats? How can we all take an action towards the emissions while still having the possibility of sustainable development and ensuring the poverty decrease?

The invitation to participate in the conference was accepted by:

Morten Bæk, Permanent Secretary, Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate | Tomasz Chruszczow, COP 24 High Level Climate Champion | LeszekDrogosz, City of Warsaw| Anna Dworakowska, Cracow Smog Alarm | Richard Folland, Sustineri consultant company, United Kingdom | Anne Girault, Paris Climate Agency | CoralineGoron, University of Oxford China Center | Andrzej Kassenberg, Institute for Sustainable Development| MichałKleiber, Polish Academy of Sciences | Krzysztof Księżopolski, SGH Warsaw School of Economics |PrzemysławSadura, University of Warsaw| UrszulaStefanowicz, Polish NGO Climate Coalition| Barbara Unmüßig, Heinrich Böll Foundation| Jean-Pascal van Ypersele,Universitécatholique de Louvain, Belgium| Anders Wijkman, Co-President of the Club of Rome

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