Online seminar Wednesday, 09. September 2020

Decline and Fall

The global Fracking Industry in Crisis

Oil Spill Gulf of Mexico - Foto: DVIDSHUB mit CC-BY 2.0 (Flickr). Creator: DVISDSHUB. Creative Commons License LogoThis image is licensed under Creative Commons License.
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Wed, 09. Sep 2020,
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Heinrich Böll Foundation - Headquarter Berlin
Part of the series
Fueling the Fire

The oil and gas industry is in a deep crisis globally. The fossil system is coming under pressure on the one hand from the ever cheaper renewables, and on the other hand from the necessary and politically requested energy and transport transition. The consequences are lower prices, lower profits and stranded assets at all levels. Especially those companies that operate projects with high costs, such as the fracking industry in the USA, are the first to stumble. Major growth forecasts, including those for petrochemical products such as plastics or fertilizers and pesticides, are no longer tenable. The collapse in demand caused by the Covid19 pandemic and the turbulence on the international oil markets have accelerated the end of the oil age.

But what about fossil natural gas, which is still propagated by many as a "lesser evil" and "bridging technology" into a climate-friendly future?

In this online seminar, we will look at the prospects for the gas industry worldwide. We will examine the industry's current and future financial risks and ask what international trends have to do with the gas industry in Europe and Germany and what role banks, insurance companies and financial markets can play in the necessary phase-out of fossil gas.

The event will be simultaneously interpreted for German and English speaking audiences.


  • Kathy Hipple, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)
  • Ed Vaughan, Carbon Tracker
  • Regine Richter, Urgewald

Moderator: Lili Fuhr, Head of International Environmental Policy Division, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

The event will be simultaneously interpreted for German and English speaking audiences.

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