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Green Hydrogen: A path towards socio-environmental justice?

Globally, green hydrogen and its derivatives are being touted as some of the key solutions to the climate crisis. However, given both the projected scale of demand, as well as limited land resources and mediocre sites for renewables  in some of the key industrialised countries like Europe, Japan and Korea, the production will likely be in countries in Africa, Latin America, Australia and Middle East who have excellent sun and wind resources, as well as cheaper land. Green H2 would then be exported to and traded with the industrialised centres of demand.

Yet, It is not clear whether green hydrogen can, or will, advance climate justice, even while it reduces greenhouse emissions. To what extent will it really support global south countries’ ability to address energy poverty and facilitate just transitions?

This dialogue will convene global south thinkers from academia and civil society for an exploratory discussion of these issues:

• Fadhel Kaboub: Associate Professor of Economics from Denison University and President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity

• Gabriela Cabaña: member of Centro de Análisis Socioambiental (Centre of Social-Environmental Analysis); Red Chilena de Ingreso Básico (Chilean network of Basic Income) and the Basic Income Earth Network.


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