Tuesday, 20. October 2020

International Financial Institutions and Using Country Systems: Implications for Gender Equality

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Tue, 20. Oct 2020,
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International Financial Institutions (IFIs) are powerful animals. They impact millions of lives. They set rules.They shape our futures. IFIs led by the World Bank, have adopted an approach called “using country systems”. Country systems emphasize the centrality of national regulation and domestic public policies.

What is the history of this idea of using country systems?
What does that mean from a gender perspective?

The webinar will be pitched at the level of those who are interested in IFIs but may not have much familiarity with the processes and architecture.

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  • Ella Hopkins, Bretton Woods Project, United Kingdom
  • Mariama Williams, South Centre, Jamaica and Switzerland
  • Sibulele Poswayo, Inequality Movement/ BRICS Feminist Watch, South Africa
  • Priti Darooka, PWESCR/BRICS Feminist Watch, India
  • Manuel (Butch) Montes, Society for International Development, Philippines/ USA (TBC)


  • Priyanthi Fernando, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific), Malaysia and Sri Lanka


  • Shubha Chacko, Solidarity Foundation/BRICS Feminist Watch, India

Date/Time: October 20, 2020 Tuesday at 18:00 to 20:00 PM (IST) or 14:30 PM CEST

If you have any difficulties in registering please send an email to Shubha Chacko at shubha.chacko@gmail.com
and she will be happy to assist you.

The event is organized by the financial support of Heinrich Boell Stiftung India.