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Wednesday, 14. December 2022 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Save in my calendar


Online Launch: Stories of Feminist Mobilisation

Global Feminist Pitch 2022

Join us for the online launch of Stories of Feminist Mobilisation and meet twelve feminists from around the world. Engage in a discussion on feminist organising for reproductive rights, LGBTIQ* rights, democratic principles, climate justice, and against gender-based violence.

2022 was a challenging year on numerous fronts. The increase in nationalism and authoritarianism, the shrinking spaces for action, the anti-feminist and right-wing populist rhetoric, political tensions and wars, a worldwide refugee crisis, and rising inflation that threatens to turn into a global recession have affected, in one way or another, the whole world. These developments, some recent and some in the making for decades, are mostly affecting vulnerable and marginalised groups such as women, especially Black women, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, women with non-conforming sexual orientation, and individuals with non-conforming gender identity. In these circumstances, it is often that feminist and LGBTIQ* organisations and activists take matters into their own hands, although their own work is also challenged.

Under the banner “For Feminist Mobilisation”, the Global Feminist Pitch 2022 wanted to give attention to feminist movements that do not get the deserved space in the public discourse. Twelve feminists from Brazil, Syria, Jamaica, Belarus, Venezuela, Kenya, Romania, the Philippines, Nigeria, Nepal, and Hungary had the opportunity write about the feminist mobilisation in their respective regions in a format of their choice. The result is “Stories of Feminist Mobilisation”.


Moderator: Sham Jaff, a journalist and political scientist in Berlin. She writes the weekly newsletter 'what happened last week' on underreported news from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Jaff is also the host of several podcasts such as '190220 – Ein Jahr nach Hanau', a Spotify Original podcast that was awarded the Grimme Online Award in 2021.

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