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Open City Lagos 2017: Resilience

Call for contribution

Open City Lagos 2017 is here!.

We are excited to announce the kickoff of activities for the year. We're calling for contributions that explore the theme Resilience. Selected pieces will be shortlisted for the upcoming symposium and publication. Read on for more about submission requirements and activities for the year.

OCL 2017: Resilience
Although constantly buffeted by the global forces of migration and climate change, and local housing and transport challenges, cities continue to expand and adapt. Much of this is driven by the tenacity of their inhabitants through a mix of versatility and innovation. Open City Lagos 2017 has been put together to explore this resilience in as many forms and shapes as it takes.

Artists, urbanists, writers, photographers, journalists, and architects are invited to send in abstracts describing their research projects or creative work in response to any of the four streams detailed below.

Project StreamsUnderstanding Resilience
In what ways is the city resilient or not? What are the tensions between resilience and change? What are the tensions between resilience and change? What can be learned by contrasting experiences of cities across the globe?The Future of African cities 
How do current trends in migration patterns, changing values of multiculturalism and economic protectionism affect the future of African cities? What role will homegrown strategies play in a world of increased global connectivity?  
Social Innovation & Adaptive Design
What creative solutions are springing up in the face of urban hardships and problems? How can innovation, design, and technology be used to build urban resilience and achieve social impact and sustainable development?Responsive Planning & Governance
How can we address rigidity within institutions that hold on to outdated processes, policies and thinking? How can city planners learn better from collective actions to solve problem at scale?

Submission Guidelines
Project entries can take numerous exciting forms:

  • Short videos & audio compilations
  • Photoessays
  • Articles & research papers
  • Drawings, models and sculptures (size and weight limits apply– kindly check with project administrators)
To participate, send in a 300-word abstract describing your submission and how it responds to the qestions and objectives of OCL Resilience. Submissions for video and audio pieces must be accompanied by short clips or extracts from the work of no more than 3 minutes. Abstract for photoessays should be submitted 4-6 images. Submissions should also include the following details
  1. The name, contact details and professional background of the person(s) responsible for the project
  2. The project stream the work responds to
  3. The places and parts of Lagos, or other developing cities, featured in the work
Key Dates & Deadlines
17  March               Call opens
21 April                  Deadline for submission
28 April                  Announcement of shortlisted submission
31 July                   Completion of select contributors’ revisions

For more information visit, or send an email (

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About the Project
Open City Lagos is a conversation enacted across Lagos and with other cities, with a focus on the day-to-day experiences, grassroots initiatives and new opportunities for development and inclusion. Open City Lagos, currently in its second edition, is a dialogue that explores the dynamics of relationships between city dwellers and their city, in an attempt to examine the layers of interaction between city dwellers and their communities.

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Thank you!

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