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Rambuai, Mizoram’s ‘Trouble’ years

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Mon, 28. Aug 2017,
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Date: 28th August, 2017
Venue: Conference Room No. I, State Convention Centre (Pinewood Annexe), Bishop Cotton Road, Shillong

“Rambuai, Mizoram’s Trouble Years” documents the story of armed uprising and violence in the state 1966-86, how finally peace was made, and how people in Mizoram today talk about this traumatic period of their history. Mizoram has had a history of two decades of severe violent conflict. But it has also seen the conclusion of a successful peace accord in 1986 which – and this makes it distinct from other parts of the region – has proven stable, making Mizoram a rather successful example of conflict resolution in the Indian Northeast, different from other states of the region.


Chok Tsering
Program Co-ordinator, Democracy & Dialogue Programme