Presentation of a study Thursday, 24. September 2020

Press launch of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020

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Thursday, 24. September 2020,
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The annual World Nuclear Industry Status Report (WNISR) provides a comprehensive overview of nuclear power plant data, including information on operation, production and construction. The WNISR assesses the status of new-build programs in existing as well as in potential newcomer nuclear countries. The report also compares the development of nuclear power and renewable energy globally.

WNISR 2020 includes two new special focus chapters, one dedicated to Nuclear Power in the Age of COVID-19, raising a number of nuclear safety and security issues as well as providing an international overview of impacts and measures taken. A second focus chapter assesses the prospects of Nuclear Power in the Middle East as with Barakah-1 in the United Arab Emirates, the first commercial nuclear power reactor has started operating in the Arab world.

WNISR2020 will be presented by its convening lead author and publisher Mycle Schneider (from Paris) and contributing author Ali Ahmad, Harvard Kennedy School (from Beirut), moderated by lead author Antony Froggatt, Chatham House (from London). Author bios are available here.

The full 359-page report will be available with the start of the event here. Previous editions of the WNISR can be viewed and downloaded here.

This event is primarily addressed to journalists and registration is required. Non-journalists can also register and attend, on a listen-only mode.

Individual interviews can be arranged on request, with either Mycle Schneider (English, French, German) Antony Froggatt (English) or Ali Ahmad (English, Arabic).

Please register here by 23 September 2020.


There will be a second launch event the same day at 16:00 CEST (Paris) / 10:00 EDT (Washington D.C.), primarily for media in the North American time zones, hosted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Contributing Author M.V.Ramana, University of British Columbia (in Vancouver), will join Mycle Schneider (in Paris) and Ali Ahmad (in Beirut). NRDC’s Matthew McKinzie (in Washington) will moderate the event. For a change, this is a BlueJeans event. Please contact NRDC’s Elizabeth Heyd for the BlueJeans meeting invitation and event link.