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Online event

Wednesday, 15. December 2021 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Save in my calendar

Online event

Shrink Finance

Why too much finance harms the European economy and society

The role that financial markets play in our economies has grown dramatically in the past 40 years. Ever since the deregulation of finance in the 1980s, financial markets have outgrown the real economy substantially and expanded into more and more areas of our society - with negative side-effects for people and businesses. Is it time to shrink global financial markets? And how would this work?

In this webseminar, we present new insights from a report on an oversized financial sector in Europe and its detrimental effects on the real economy and people in Europe.

On December 15, 2021, 18:00-19:00 we will hear from:

  • Magdalena Senn (Finanzwende Recherche)
  • Nicholas Shaxson (Journalist, author of The Finance Curse: How Global Finance Is Making Us All Poorer)
  • Benoît Lallemande (Secretary Gemerall Finance Watch)

Please register for the event. You will then receive a link to the Zoom event room.
The webseminar will be held in English.

It is organized by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and Finanzwende Recherche and is part of the project Transformative Responses to the Crisis.

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