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Thursday, 26. September 2019 – Thursday, 24. October 2019
An Exhibition by Sandra Schäfer

From 2014 to 2016, German researcher and artist Sandra Schäfer conducted extensive on-site research surrounding intersections of architecture and geopolitical spaces. This research resulted in two large-scale video-installations, Mleeta (2016) and Constructed Futures: Haret Hreik (2017).


Tuesday, 15. October 2019 – Friday, 18. October 2019
Friday, 18. October 2019 – Sunday, 20. October 2019 /
"Dialogue: Sharing our stories and building hope"

This years event will showcase: 

-Discussion forums

-Exhibition and mural project ongoing

-Photography exhibition in the CheChe Gallery

-Poetry ( Suugaanta/ Gabayo, Maanso)

-Book Fair 

-Crafts for Sale by Women’s groups

-Interactive Storytelling performance by Zamaleo and Awjama Storytellers

Panel discussion Monday, 21. October 2019 /
On migration policy, the reality of counselling and the situation in countries of origin
Lecture Wednesday, 23. October 2019
Inclusion, Intersectionality and Sustainability

Based on expert interviews with academics who have been leading such efforts for gender mainstreaming in universities and the evaluation of a workshop on gender equality in higher education which took place in Istanbul in November 2018, the guest lecture sheds light onto the structure and format of institutional transformation processes in universities.

Panel discussion Thursday, 24. October 2019 /
Activists from Egypt, Syria and Tunisia on countering the backlashes against equality

Activists from Egypt, Syria and Tunisia on countering the backlashes against equality.


Conference Monday, 11. November 2019 /

More than 70 years after the start of the nuclear age, no country in the world has permanently put a repository for high-level radioactive waste into operation. Meanwhile, increasing amounts of nuclear waste are accumulating. How much exactly and in what qualities is unknown.

Friday, 29. November 2019 – Saturday, 30. November 2019 /


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