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Festival Wednesday, 18. May 2022 – Sunday, 22. May 2022 /
Our histories in conversation
Reading and talk Monday, 23. May 2022
A staged reading followed by a discussion





Discussion Tuesday, 24. May 2022 – Wednesday, 25. May 2022 /
Three-part annual event series

As part of the annual Development Policy Discussion Days (Entwicklungspolitische Diskussionstage) three panel discussions on decolonialism, global inequality and climate finance will take place.

Online discussion series Tuesday, 24. May 2022
part of online discussion series (Re)framing Reproduction
Webinar Wednesday, 25. May 2022 /
Hong Kong

The proposals of “explainable AI” and “trustworthy AI” are initiatives to create AI applications that are transparent, interpretable, and explainable to users and operations managers. These initiatives seek to foster public trust, informed consent and fair use of AI applications. They also seek to move against algorithmic bias that may work against the interest of underprivileged social groups.


Online discussion series Tuesday, 07. June 2022
part of online discussion series (Re)framing Reproduction
Online discussion Thursday, 09. June 2022
Online discussion Wednesday, 15. June 2022

For about two decades, many countries have been experimenting with an instrument that economists have been touting as the "guiding instrument" of climate policy: CO2 pricing. But is it really suitable? With Ottmar Edenhofer, David Victor, Danny Cullenward

Online discussion series Tuesday, 21. June 2022
part of online discussion series (Re)framing Reproduction
Discussion series Tuesday, 21. June 2022
Part of the series "Decolonial Dialogues: Towards a New Relational Ethic between Africa and Europe"


Online discussion series Tuesday, 05. July 2022
part of online discussion series (Re)framing Reproduction
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