Lecture series Friday, 23. November 2018

12th Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial Lecture on "Muslim of India : Past and Present"

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Fri, 23. Nov 2018,
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The Asghar Ali Memorial Lectures are organized in commemoration of the work and values that Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer strived for. The objective of the lectures is to engage all sections of society, particularly the youth, women, scholars and peace workers to reflect on contemporary challenges facing societal peace, harmony and the liberal democratic values of the Indian constitution. Till date ten lectures have been organized on various themes, delivered by renowned Indian scholars such as Prof. Mushirul Hasan on “Maulana Azad”, Dr. Ram Puniyani on “Indian Democracy at the crossroads under current political dispensation”, Prof. Wajahat Habibullah on “Islam in India, Challenge or Promise”, Dr. Faizan Mustafa on “Contemporary Challenges to Freedom of Religion in India”, Romila Thapar on “India and the Secular”, Prof. Christophe Jeffrelot on “Ambedkar and Democracy”, Prof. Dietrich Reetz on “Making of History from the margins: Contribution of Muslims from South Asia”,  Sukhadeo Thorat on caste and untouchability and Prof. Irfan Habib on Secularism: Its Meaning and the need for it”.. Through their deep insight into history and politics, the scholars have lent perspective and contributed to knowledge building on these discourses. The public lectures are a medium to reach out to the young thinking minds, concerned citizens and activists. The Public Lectures will engage youth and activists in knowledge building and developing a critical perspective of contemporary issues.

The 12th Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer Memorial lecture will be delivered by A.G. Noorani, Advocate, Supreme Court of India and leading Constitutional expert on “Muslims of India: Past and Present” on 23rd November 2018. The lecture will be moderated by Hamid Ansari, former Vice President of India.

Venue: Speaker Hall, Constitutional Club of India, Vithal Bhai Patel House, Rafi Marg, Behind Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi - 110001


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