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Expert talk

Wednesday, 05. June 2024 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Save in my calendar

Expert talk

Gender Sensitive Recovery in Ukraine on the local level

Expert Roundtable, Presentation of CEDOS Policy Brief

"Ensuring gender equality" and "leaving no one behind" have been part of the commonly agreed guiding principles for Ukraine‘s recovery path from the outset. The implementation of these principles under the condition of the ongoing Russian war against the country remains a challenge. National politics and international partners need to provide an enabling framework legislation, governance and funding mechanisms. However, the direct interaction with specific vulnerable groups happens in the municipalities where traumatized or displaced persons, survivors of gender based violence or families of killed or injured soldiers live. Local administrations are in the leading role.

The independent social research think tank „Cedos“ has taken a closer look into critical fields of action on the local level to ensure gender sensitivity of recovery efforts and social protection of vulnerable groups. The expert roundtable will discuss the main conclusions from this research. How the communities can set the priorities right to achieve effective results? How to share the workload with civil society organisations or local citizen initiatives? And how to effectively support this work from the side of the international partners?


  • Tamara Khurtsydze and Ivan Verbytskyi (online), CEDOS
  • Yulia Hvozdovych, NGO "Parents in Action" (online)
  • Dr. Imke Hansen, Libereco e.V. (online)

Moderator: Johannes Voswinkel, Heinnrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv Office

Contact: Anna Antonina Lysiak, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

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CEDOS Policy Brief Gender Sensitive Recovery in Ukraine on the local level