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Online discussion

Saturday, 01. April 2023 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Save in my calendar

Online discussion

A Green European Perspective for Georgia

On April 1, at 14:00, Heinrich Boell Foundation Tbilisi Office - South Caucasus Region together with Mtsvaneebi (Greens Georgia) organizes an online discussion: 

A Green European Perspective for Georgia

Massive street protests in Georgia led by young people and a broad civil society coalition, coupled with international criticism, forced the ruling Georgian Dream party to withdraw 'foreign agents' legislation. However, the proposed bill as well as illiberal and anti-European rhetoric make many Georgians worry that the country is moving closer to Russia and its authoritarian model. Other concerns include political and societal polarization and the flourishing of illiberal groups and violence. 

Democratization and EU candidacy status are the main goals of Georgia's pro-European and reform-oriented civil society. Many feel unrepresented by the major political parties and the road to the 2024 parliamentary election is uncertain, although the recent protests could provide momentum for progressive actors. 

How can green and feminist forces advance in the current political arena? What could be a uniting agenda for Georgia's progressives? What are effective progressive responses to the illiberal challenges in the EU and Georgia?

We will discuss these and other questions with: 

  • Viola von Cramon, Member of the European Parliament
  • Benedetta De Marte, Secretary General of the European Green Party
  • Nino Lomjaria, Former Public Defender of Georgia
  • Sopho Verdzeuli, Judicial Researcher and Editor at Komentari
  • Kakha Gogolashvili, Director of EU Studies Center, GFSIS
  • Mariam Kvaratskhelia, Co-Director, Tbilisi Pride
  • Tata Jakeli, Founder of Mtsvaneebi
  • Sonja Schiffers, Director, Heinrich Boell Foundation Tbilisi Office – South Caucasus Region (moderator)

Language of the event: English

Tbilisi 14 – 16 Uhr | Berlin 12 – 14 Uhr
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