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Hidden Remembrance? Women in World War II in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Role models, experience of violence, taboos

9th European History Forum as interactive fishbowl discussion in the internet

The history of World War II is told primarily in terms of political and military issues, as well as those relating to international law. The dominant actors and decision-makers in history textbooks are men: dictators, heads of state, soldiers, partisans and resistance fighters. The heroes remembered by various nations include only a few women.

With its regional focus on Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the 2020 European History Forum aims to initiate an analysis of war and post-war history examining the role of women of all countries who took direct or indirect part in the war, and to which extent their great survival efforts, decisions and  suffering could find a place in history and representations thereof. A critical comparison of historical discourses in different countries clearly indicates how strongly both the acknowledgment, and the tabooization of female war experiences, depends on overarching role models and political opportunism. 

Within this year’s European History Forum, we would like to create a platform to examine examples of some constellations prescribed by gender roles, and to discuss the shift in the presentation of the history of women in the past 75 years.


“European History Forum”, a joint initiative by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung and its Russian partner, Scientific Research and Education Centre Memorial, aims to provide exchange opportunities, primarily to younger historians, employees of museums, media and non-governmental organizations from Eastern, Southeastern and Western Europe. This, on the other hand, aims to promote a pan-European discourse on cultures of remembrance and politics of history. At the same time, the Forum addresses everybody who critically engages with 20th century history and its teaching – in a professional, honorary or private capacity.


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