Tuesday, 09. June 2020

How green is the future?

Pushing for a just climate in Germany and Israel

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Tue, 09. Jun 2020,
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Heinrich Böll Foundation - Headquarter Berlin

Green topics …

How to deal with the corona crisis and its consequences is increasingly contested. But does the struggle to respond to the pandemic also provide an incentive for social-ecological transformation? How, that is, can justice be achieved in a social sense and with an ecological aspiration? Put differently, we ask: How green is the future?

To address those questions, the upcoming event as part of the German-Israeli dialogue turns to the political engagement of young people in Germany and Israel. In pushing for a just climate, they not only counter discriminatory discourses, but also help to establish visions for a “green future”. As such, their engagement is crucial, but it also points to more intricate issues: How realistic and relatable are such visions for a “green future” given the current circumstances in both countries? Also, how inclusive and pluralistic can those visions be if the very basis for a “green future” has to be created within local realities?

… local realities

In Israel, progressive forces have long struggled for social justice, peace and sustainability, but are increasingly marginalized. They are calling for "a different future" and therefore inevitably confront the politically and socially dominant discourse of national security. This discourse, however, is currently being reinforced by the official reactions to the corona virus: harsh measures were legitimized by the formation of a national unity government, the declared priority of which is to combat the virus. Thus, even while restrictions are slowly being lifted these days, the question remains how the political climate in the country will develop.

In Germany, the “Fridays for Future” movement mobilized a broad public for climate protection until very recently. The participants chanted “We are the future,” thereby also calling for greater democratic participation by young people and fairness between generations. But then the outbreak of the Corona virus triggered a hiatus. Mass demonstrations cannot take place any longer. Thus, in order to reach more people for the fight against the climate crisis, new strategies and alliances have to be developed. This however points to problems that have always been present, but are becoming particularly clear at the moment, e.g. whose voices are heard in the political debate and also towards what end.


  • Terry Reintke, Member of the European Parliament, The Greens - European Free Alliance
  • Magdalena Hess, Fridays for Future, Offenburg
  • Stav Shaffir, Chair of Green Party Israel, Tel Aviv
  • Shani Aloni, Executive director of Green Course, Tel Aviv

Welcome and short introduction: Dr. Ellen Ueberschär, President Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Moderation: Johannes Gunesch, Senior Programme Officer, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Language: German and English with simultaneous translation

Information about the event: Johannes Gunesch, E-Mail: gunesch@boell.de


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