Creator: Urheber/in: Foto Kaiser Wilhelm II: Bundesarchiv,E. Bieber/CC-BY-SA 3.0, Foto Rudolf Manga Bell: unknown photographer/public domain; Foto Samuel Maharero: unknown photographer/public domain. Public Domain.

Book presentation and discussion

Tuesday, 28. June 2022 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Save in my calendar

Book presentation and discussion

"The Kaiser and the Colonies"

The role of Wilhelm II in German colonial policy, underexposed aspects of history and lessons for a new relational ethic

In his internationally acclaimed work „The Kaiser and the Colonies", historian Prof. Matthew Fitzpatrick discusses the role of Wilhelm II in German colonial policy. Using numerous case studies, he illustrates, how strongly the monarchs in the colonies were fixated on the Kaiser, even though the latter had surprisingly little say in shaping the work of government. Often the leaders of the colonised, for example Rudolf Duala Manga Bell in Cameroon or Samuel Mahahero in present-day Namibia, confronted the emperor confidently, viewed him on equal status and hoped (in vain) for support in averting colonial injustice.

With the author, we want to talk about aspects of German colonial rule that have received little attention so far, as well as about the numerous historical examples of the colonised monarchs' and leaders’ varied and innovative responses to imperialism and their ability to act.

What does historical research mean for current debates on decolonisation, recognition of injustice and potentials for a new relational ethic?


Prof. Matthew Fitzpatrick, author & Professor of German and European History at Flinders University in Australia.

The discussion is moderated by Eliza Apperly, journalist.


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