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Thursday, 23. June 2022 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Save in my calendar


Met.a.phorum - Brno

Dialogue in motion

Where: NaZemi (Kounicova 14, Brno)

A2 English recommended

Meet the many faces of your community in a space where your perspectives can be seen and heard. Using fine arts, applied theatre, and principles of conflict resolution, Met.a.phorum invites all people – Czechs and non-Czechs – to come together to consider the questions:

Who is ‘us’ and who is ‘them’? Who are ‘we’?

What does immigration and ‘otherness’ mean in your life?

Where do you stand?

How did you get there?

How do we as individuals contribute to ‘otherness’ through our own thinking and actions?

What do we as individuals and as a community have the power the change?

The evening is divided into three parts:

The Metaphor
A gallery of poetry and artwork represents traces of the thoughts and emotions of foreign-born people across Czech Republic in response to the question: What I Am (Not). These poems and accompanying artwork become objects of contemplation as participants are choreographed around them, reflecting on the nature of their connection.

The Forum
Participants group and re-group in response to a series of statements on living together, immigration, and common values. They take a literal, physical stance according to their own beliefs and experiences. This common action sheds light on the patterns of community and dissolves the apparent borders between groups.

Diversity Dialogues
Participants create a space of trust and openness. They actively listen and exchange on their reflections from the Metaphor and the Forum, with those whom they might not meet under different circumstances, in a structured framework.

What are Dialogues in Motion?
Dialogues in motion are public events where Czech and foreign-born participants connect with others in their community. There is no audience, only participants. No performance or physical skill is required. Fluent English is not required. Through simple physical actions that make visible what people believe, and the experiences that led them to those beliefs, participants reflect on their perspectives, create connection, and think about how we impact and are impacted by notions of ‘otherness’. And to consider what we have the power to change.

The event is organized by Rehearsal for Reality and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Prague.



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Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary
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