Expert conference

Wednesday, 07. June 2023 – Thursday, 08. June 2023 Save in my calendar

Expert conference

Navigating the Changing Times of Gender, Sexuality, and Migration in Europe

Workshop and conference

The mainstream conception of migration reinforces heteronormativity and silences the experiences of queer migrants, refugees, asylum-seekers, and undocumented people in Europe. The emerging scholarship on queer migration has shown the central role of gender and sexuality in migration politics and border control regimes. Researchers and activists have also revealed the ways in which LGBTQ and women’s rights discourse have been instrumentalized to advance illiberal politics against migrants and other racialized groups in Europe. In the face of increasing political polarization, anti-rights movements, and political marginalization, this conference aims to bring together researchers, artists, and activists to discuss how queer and feminist interventions could inform the everyday life and representation of migration, displacement, and exile from an intersectional and comparative perspective.


1. Day: Workshop

June 7, 2023 – 6pm-8:30pm
Opening Roundtable at Acud Macht Neu [Studio] with Fatima El-Tayeb, author of European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe (2011), and Jin Haritaworn, author of Queer Lovers and Hateful Others: Regenerating Violent Times and Places (2015), Tunay Altay, and Rebecca Ajnwojne

Acud Macht Neu
Veteranenstraße 21
10119 Berlin


2. Day: Conference

June 8, 2023 , 10am-6:15pm

Panel talks with:

  • B Camminga, Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry/ICI
  • Omar Kasmani, Freie Universität Berlin,
  • Razan Ghazzawi, University of Sussex
  • Yener Bayramoglu, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Ahmed Awadalla, Activist and Researcher
  • Firoozeh Farvardin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
  • Sarah Scuzzarello, University of Sussex
  • Anna Korteweg, University of Toronto
  • Camille Ogoti, Organization for Refugee, Asylum and Migration/ORAM
  • Irene Kuzemko, Organisation Intersex International Europe/OII Europe
  • Konstantin Sherstyuk, WostoQ-Regenbogen
  • Ceren Saner, Freelance Artist
  • Carlos D. Kong, Princeton University
  • Rüzgar Buski, Freelance Artist


Event team (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin): Tunay Altay, Gökçe Yurdakul, Inga Kravchik, Aissata Drieling, Frankie Elsey, Katarina Kukla, Anna Weissenborn, Xoch Picazo, Mert Birdal


Conference language: English

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Schumannstr. 8
10117 Berlin


Registration for the workshop and the conference:

There is limited space available for both days. Please consider canceling your registration if you are unsure of your attendance.


The event is co-organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The event is partly funded by the research project titled “Transforming political representation from below: The role of (post)migrant civil society organizations in Germany.” This is a three-year research project supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ). You can learn more about the project from the website: For more information, please contact Tunay Altay, Ph.D. researcher in sociology and gender studies at Humboldt University of Berlin,


Contact Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung:
Joanna Barelkowska
Projektkoordination Internationale Geschlechterpolitik/LSBTI



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