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Tuesday, 14. February 2023 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Save in my calendar

Online discussion series

The Power of Activism for Human Rights: The shared fight for bodily integrity and self-determination

part of online discussion series Power of Feminist Narratives

What is the common denominator between the women’s rights movement and intersex activism? To what extent are we allowed to be who we are, and when are we forced to fit inside binary boxes? Both kinds of activism are united by the same struggle for self-determination and for acceptance from the self-proclaimed majorities and norm setters. In practice, it is sometimes difficult to see this intersecting bond, and yet the struggle for the human rights of intersex people does not mean less for other people – actually it means more.

Discriminatory structures are upheld by the ideas and norms determined by those in power. Women and intersex people share the same social pressure of imposed (or even forced) “normalisation” of their bodies and their sexuality within a climate of heteronormativity and narrowly defined cultural perceptions of gender.

In this online discussion, we explore which narratives might help educate the public and generate empathy. We also discuss how we can place people’s wellbeing above societal norms and allow them to maintain bodily integrity. What can feminism do to unite these struggles?


  • Dan Christian Ghattas, Intersex activist, founder, and executive director of OII Europe
  • Jeevika Shiv, Feminist Facilitator| Social worker | Lawyer | NGYA National Gender Youth Advocate (leader nominated to UN Women) from India


Moderator: Vandita Morarka is the founder and CEO of One Future Collective. Their work here develops feminist leadership capacities for social change while supplementing efforts through knowledge co-creation, re-imagining advocacy, and feminist service provision. They are a human rights lawyer, organizer, and researcher. Currently, they are pursuing an MA in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies as a Chevening Scholar.

Part of the series
Power of Feminist Narratives
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