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Online discussion series

The Power of Personal Stories: How trans-inclusive narratives can change the discourse

part of online discussion series Power of Feminist Narratives

Since their beginnings, feminist movements all over the world have advocated for equal social, economic, and political rights for women. Over the past 30 years, there has been increased recognition of intersectional discrimination based not only on gender but also race, class, religion, sexual identity, etc. However, mainstream feminism(s) – especially those in the Global North – have remained predominantly white and cis-gender.

In this episode, we talk to activists who are building bridges between feminists and transgender movements. It is not, after all, a competition to see who suffers more oppression – women or transwomen (or transgender people in general). Why do we need alliances between cisgender and transgender activists? Why is it important to see transfeminism as a part of feminism, and how do we portray it by telling personal stories?


  • Julia Ehrt, Transgender activist and Executive Director at ILGA World (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association)
  • Lina Cuellar, Executive Director of feminist organisation Sentiido in Columbia


Moderator: Vandita Morarka is the founder and CEO of One Future Collective. Their work here develops feminist leadership capacities for social change while supplementing efforts through knowledge co-creation, re-imagining advocacy, and feminist service provision. They are a human rights lawyer, organizer, and researcher. Currently, they are pursuing an MA in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies as a Chevening Scholar.

Part of the series
Power of Feminist Narratives
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