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Wednesday, 04. May 2022 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm Save in my calendar


What roles for public and private capital in financing the transformation?

How to finance green investment is one of the key questions of the social-ecological transformation. The balance of public and private capital will determine the success and speed of the transition and its effect on society overall. Some argue that it is crucial to stimulate private investment, while others argue the government should be spending more directly.

We want to dig deep into this question, especially focusing on fields where private investment has been conducive to the transformation in the past and under which regulatory circumstances? Who should bear the risks, the government or investors? And how does this relate to the financing needs of transforming our economy? 

We are very happy to discuss these questions with 

  • Daniela Gabor, Professor of Economics and Macro-Finance at UWE Bristol
  • Kristina Jeromin, Sustainable Finance expert and Managing Director of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany

Moderation: Michael Peters, Lead Financial Markets, Finanzwende Recherche

The event is part of the conference "Transforming Europe: The green deal in a new context." 

It will take place in English.


Sarah Ribbert
Project Officer International Politics Division
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