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Mittwoch, 01. Dezember 2021 – Donnerstag, 02. Dezember 2021 In meinem Kalender speichern

Air pollution dodgeball / The road to Ne to, 0!

Ne to. 0! Is the second annual policy conference on how to win the Balkan air-pollution dodgeball hosted by the RES Foundation. This year’s conference will focus on helping policy makers and other stakeholders in and outside of the region to break out of existing policy comfort zones and face up to growing evidence that a carbon-neutral future is not only feasible but also reachable via a variety of policy routes.


This journey starts with (climate) ambition, a scarce commodity among decision-makers in the region. In words, it can be seen in such policy documents as the Sofia declaration on the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans or in statements of support for regional initiatives dedicated to aiding just transition beyond fossil fuels to energy efficiency and renewables. In deeds, it can be evidenced by the reluctance to decide coal phase-out deadlines, by locking into fossil gas infrastructure and advocating transition from coal to fossil gas, by the lack of reskilling programs for those working in this dead-end sector, by the inadequacy of public investment in energy efficiency measures, etc.


Ne to (“Not that”) is a play on words and means “Reci NE – ugljeniku” (Say NO – to carbon).


0! is the simplest and therefore the most applicable sieve through which the growing policy “noise” in the region will have to be filtered before real decarbonization policies can be crafted and implemented. Energy and Climate Plans currently being considered are a unique, and perhaps the last timely opportunity for the region to make it to its destination – carbon-neutral Europe by 2050.

For these plans to serve their purpose, they will need to be National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). The scope and depth of change are such that broadest possible – national ownership of the plans is a must. Join us for this two-day conference in learning how we can transform our energy and climate policies from an agenda FOR the Western Balkans into a 0! agenda BY the Western Balkans.


Our quest for cleaner air in the Western Balkans can bring the desired outcomes only on the journey to 0! Therefore, aiming at 0! Is the key move to win the Balkan air-pollution dodgeball.


Conference outcomes:


  • growing the body of policy evidence for accurate policy making
  • engagement, awareness and knowledge to demystify the challenge and grow demand
  • political de-risking of change, growing the net present value of proposed change(s)
  • democratization of energy and of energy policy making, growing policy ownership
  • knowledge management, codifying & distribution, networking, community of practitioners

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