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Will technology help to boost sustainable insurance?

Insurance companies and their investments have a big impact on our climate. In the upcoming Conscious Fintech meetup Ruben Rögels, co-founder and software developer at Elinor and Dr. Marie-Luise Meinhold, CEO at ver.de will talk about technology driven sustainable insurance products and how “greensuretech” will change the market.

Sustainability and insurance technology (“insuretech”) don’t have much in common at first sight. However, many insurance companies are invested in fossil fuel companies for instance. To date, green and sustainable insurance products account for only 3% market share in the insurance sector. EU law forces insurance companies to make their information on environmental, social and governance public by March 2021. This new circumstance will force green pioneers into more competition as their unique selling position will be standard. However, the pioneers of this sector are confident that “greensuretech” innovation will help to remain in the pole position.


On March 1, 2021, 7 pm the Conscious Fintech will host the insurtechs Elinor and ver.de who will give more insight into the market and explain how they differ from big insurance companies despite the new EU standard.

The meetup will take place virtually aiming at discussing chances and risks of the new approaches, based on the examples. Furthermore, our meetups generally aim to expand as well as to connect the sustainable fintech community. Policy holders, fintechs, financial institutions, digital professionals and sustainable finance enthusiasts are welcome to join this event.

About the speakers

Dr. Marie Luise Meinhold, CEO at ver.de

Initially, Marie Luise planned to reform her former employer, a distinguished insurance corporate. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a magic wand. That’s why she decided to take action and founded her own insurance company which aims to be Germany’s first sustainable property insurance.

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Ruben Rögels, co-founder at software developer at Elinor

To secure the members of one’s group in case of emergency - plus, being sustainable. That’s the principle behind Elinor. Ruben is the technical mastermind behind Elinor and a self-taught man who has gained expertise in all kinds of fields. He values flexibility and transfers Elinor’s ideas into code.

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